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Store solution designer

Speed up the checkout

Increase by 50 the speed of inventories

Managed expdition and delivery

Present reliable stock to your web customers

And even more...


So cross the barcode mark and deploy EPC !

Gestion codebarre

A barcode label is a representation of a code printed on paper. The barcode allows to assign the same code to the same articles type. We work in barcode / quantity.

Gestion EPC

 An RFID tag is a chip containing data on a paper, metal or plastic medium.

The EPC (Electronic code product) corresponds  to the code of the chip. It contains the barcoe and a serial number.

RMS has been inventing and designing software for more than 10 years...

Autonomous products or solutinos in symbiosis of the existing, but always around or in the store.

         Management of a material
         Specific functionnality
         Mobile solution